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Welcome to Gumbo, where we are passionate about bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers. Our mobile and web platform provides innovative solutions to improve healthcare outcomes. With our provider-connected digital health tools, we empower patients and members with low literacy and limited English proficiency to take charge of their health. At Gumbo, we are dedicated to empowering underserved communities using culturally inclusive, patient-centered technology.

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What we Solve

Over 25 million individuals in the US with limited English proficiency (LEP) do not speak English as their primary language and have a limited ability to read, speak, write, or understand English. LEP individuals face higher care costs, struggle to navigate the healthcare system outside of a clinical setting, and are less likely to have insurance, see a doctor, and obtain high-quality care than their English-proficient counterparts. 20% of LEP patients also admit not seeking healthcare services for fear of not understanding.

Access to Healthcare Services

Culturally diverse underserved populations face various challenges in accessing healthcare services, including language barriers, cultural differences, lack of health insurance, socioeconomic factors, and discrimination.

frequently asked question

Absolutely! Gumbo’s platform is accessible on both mobile devices and computers with internet access. You can engage with our resources anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for you to manage your health on the go.
We take your privacy and security seriously. Gumbo employs robust measures to safeguard your personal information, adhering to strict industry standards and regulations. Your data is encrypted and protected to ensure confidentiality and peace of mind.
Yes! Gumbo is committed to serving diverse communities. Our content is available in multiple languages to cater to individuals with different language preferences and cultural backgrounds. We strive to ensure that everyone can access relevant health information in their preferred language.
Absolutely! Gumbo’s platform allows you to personalize your experience by selecting the health topics that matter most to you. Whether you’re interested in diabetes management, nutrition, mental health, or other areas, you can tailor your learning journey to suit your needs and interests.
Tracking your progress is easy with Gumbo. Our platform provides interactive tools and dashboards that allow you to monitor your engagement, completion rates, and health-related outcomes in real-time. You can stay informed about your journey and celebrate your achievements along the way.
Absolutely! Gumbo offers seamless integration options for healthcare providers and organizations looking to enhance their services. Whether you’re a clinic, hospital, or health plan, our platform can be customized to align with your branding and preferences, allowing you to extend the reach of your healthcare initiatives effectively.