How it works

Sign Up & Onboarding

Providers or health plans sign up for the platform and complete the onboarding process, including setting up their account and preferences.

Customize Platform
Customize the platform to align with the organization’s branding and cultural preferences. This includes selecting languages, cultural nuances, and health topics relevant to the target population.

Enroll Participants
Activate participants, such as patients or members, based on clinical assessment, user opt-in or partner-initiated digital health program inviting them to join the platform. Invitation message can be client branded.
Access resources & Educational Content

Participants can access information on resources and culturally sensitive educational content tailored to their language, cultural background, and health literacy level. The platform offers a library of resources covering various health topics and wellness strategies.

Track engagement with Interactive Tools
Providers, health plans and other clients can track participants’ progress and outcomes in real-time through the platform’s analytics dashboard. This includes monitoring completion rates, engagement metrics, and health-related outcomes to assess the effectiveness of the intervention.