About us

our mission

At Gumbo our mission is to improve health outcomes for individuals from multi-cultural and multi-lingual communities that might struggle with low literacy and limited English proficiency. We seek to provide trusted, clinically sound and culturally appropriate content to communities that are underserved and, in many instances, invisible from the healthcare system.

How do you describe Gumbo culturally tailored digital health management programs?


Gumbo provides comprehensive digital health management programs designed to address the gaps in health literacy for chronic disease management while being culturally appropriate and accessible outside of traditional clinic settings. Our programs leverage our mobile technology platform to provide tailored educational content, resources, and support to individuals managing chronic conditions, with a focus on culturally diverse populations.

Key Features

Culturally Tailored Content
At Gumbo, we recognize the importance of cultural sensitivity in health communication. Our custom programs offer culturally tailored educational materials using proprietary text to speech technology in the language or dialect of our end users that resonate with diverse cultural backgrounds, languages, and health beliefs. Content is developed in collaboration with community leaders, cultural experts, and healthcare professionals to ensure relevance and effectiveness.
Plain Language and Visual Aids
Understanding complex health information can be challenging, especially for individuals with limited health literacy. Gumbo employs plain language and visual aids to enhance comprehension and facilitate learning. Information is presented in a user-friendly format that is easy to understand, regardless of literacy level or educational background.
Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
Gumbo is accessible anytime, anywhere, via a mobile devices, tablets, or computers with internet access. Users can access assigned programs from the comfort of their homes, on-the-go, or in community settings, making it convenient and flexible to incorporate into their daily lives.

Example Scenario

Maria, a Spanish-speaking Latina with diabetes, enrolls in Gumbo to learn more about managing her condition. She completes a personalized health assessment in her preferred language and receives tailored educational content on diabetes management, healthy eating, physical activity, and medication adherence. Gumbo allows Maria to track the progress of the micro modules assigned to her. With Gumbo’s support, Maria feels more confident in managing her diabetes and making positive lifestyle changes to improve her health outcomes.


Gumo represents an innovative approach to addressing health literacy gaps for culturally diverse populations. By providing culturally tailored educational content, personalized self-management tools, Gumbo empowers individuals to take an active role in their health, make informed decisions, and achieve better health outcomes outside of traditional clinic settings. Through ongoing evaluation and feedback, Gumbo continues to evolve and adapt to meet the diverse needs of its users, ultimately contributing to the promotion of health equity and the reduction of health disparities.